Harbour Towage Contracts

We’re always working on the frontline to bring towage costs down.

The cost of towage is a substantial factor in the port call costs for any operator. Across sectors, towage costs are - on average - around 15% of the total port expenses. The cost of your towage is also affected by the status of your existing contracts, since expired or unattended towage agreements could increase your spend.

We specialize in towage contract management worldwide. We consistently secure new agreements in ports around the world, and we work on re-negotiating those agreements so you can benefit from higher discounts every year.

At PortsDirect, we believe value is more than just a good price. This is why we, as part of our strategic sourcing approach, aim to make sure that our suppliers can deliver high-quality service. Therefore, we have developed a standard framework to evaluate different suppliers and their offers in order to select the overall best combination.